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The Lodge

The Lodge2023-05-31T15:49:08-04:00

The Lodge will be Florida’s first affordable community home focused on mental health services for individuals with IDD.

About The Lodge

The Lodge will provide independent living skills training, supervision, assistance, and critical mental health services in a residential home environment, enabling residents to acquire necessary coping skills to address their mental health needs. These wrap-around residential services will be the first in Florida, which can be replicated in other communities. At The Lodge, personalized services will be designed for each resident utilizing mental health professionals and consultation by a psychiatrist will be provided.

The Lodge will be built on the property adjacent to The Arc Jacksonville Village and will be a place to call home for six individuals living in one-bedroom apartment-like units. Residents will have a shared common space, and each individual will manage their personal space.


  • 5,500 square feet (interior)
  • Six resident units with a small kitchenette, living room, bedroom, and bathroom
  • Common living spaces: dining area, kitchen, laundry, office, therapy/den area
  • Several porches for outdoor living
  • Interior fire suppression system
  • Staff call system in each unit
  • ADA accessible
  • Access to The Village amenities, including community center with fitness center, theatre, game room, pool and more

Once open, The Lodge will be sustained through state programs for individuals with differences. These funding streams will provide for independent and daily living support staff and other operating and housing costs.

Supporting The Lodge

Ways to Invest

  • Give a one-time donation
  • Make a pledge payable over the next three to five years
  • Give a donation of stock

More than a building; a place to call home.

The dream of The Lodge will become a reality through the support of generous donors, partners and funders. Your investment will give six individuals with intellectual and developmental differences the mental health resources and support to have a place to call home.

The $2.8 million goal will fully fund the development and building costs.

Did you know?

32% of people with intellectual and developmental differences (IDD) have a co-occuring mental illness.*

The reality of residential options for many individuals with IDD is not as simple as lacking a home, but rather a living situation that does not set them up for success.

Currently, individuals with mental health needs combined with intellectual and developmental differences do not have a place to live on their own.

To make a pledge, donation of stock or to discuss other ways to invest in The Lodge, please email [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can live at The Lodge?2023-01-27T13:53:15-05:00

A candidate for someone living at The Lodge has likely attempted independent living or employment and has difficulty maintaining them due to mental health related concerns. Although we are not there yet, we will soon get to a phase where we are conducting screening and eligibility questionnaires in stages. We can currently share the following as an initial eligibility:

• APD recipient with dedicated residential funding appropriate to the level of need for the resident OR person with IDD with the financial support to cover a private room & board rate
• Mental health barriers or diagnoses documented by a licensed mental health professional or physician
• Medicaid State Plan or acceptable Medicaid Managed Care Plan to cover mental health services OR ability to fund these support services by other means
• Goal of living independently in the future

How do I pay for this? What is the cost?2023-01-27T14:38:12-05:00

Most people who live at The Lodge will likely pay for their services through their APD Cost Plan. Residents are responsible for their room and board, which can be paid from their social security or other means if available.

How many people will live at the home?2023-06-09T14:16:44-04:00

There will be six one-bedroom apartment suites, which we anticipate will be continuously occupied. Each apartment will have privacy and several suite-like features to assist with process of learning independence.

Will staff be present 24/7?2023-01-27T14:51:36-05:00

As with all APD-Licensed Group Homes, The Lodge will always have staff presence when any resident is in the home.

Do I get to decorate my own room?2023-01-27T15:00:32-05:00

Yes, just as if you lived in your own apartment or in other community home settings, your apartment unit is your own. It should reflect your personality and bring you joy. The Arc Jacksonville can assist with furnishing and equipment based on the needs and desires of each resident.

Am I allowed to have guests?2023-01-27T15:27:29-05:00

The Arc Jacksonville does not restrict visitors in any group homes unless it is a decision that the resident agrees to or is otherwise mandated.

Will meals still be provided by the home or am I expected to make meals on my own in my suite?2023-01-27T15:33:42-05:00

As with our other APD-licensed group homes, meals and snacks are provided. Additionally, individual suites have kitchenettes, where individuals can prepare food on their own as a part of the process of learning independence.

If The Lodge is full, how can I get on the waitlist? Will it be first-come or determined another way?2023-01-27T15:35:59-05:00

We currently have an interest list available through our website. A waiting list will be developed as the screening and eligibility process unfolds.

Am I able to come and go from the property as I please?2023-01-27T15:41:37-05:00

Yes, The Arc Jacksonville does not restrict leaving the home unless it is a decision the resident agrees to or is otherwise mandated.

I see that The Lodge is right next to The Village. Can I use amenities at The Village?2023-01-27T15:49:39-05:00

Although both are operated by The Arc Jacksonville, The Lodge is not part of The Village. Interacting with Village residents will be similar to any neighbors interacting, but accessing Village events and amenities will be available on a limited basis and may require additional fees.

Do I have to see the counselor at The Lodge or can I keep my current counselor in the community?2023-01-27T15:52:15-05:00

The key goal of living at The Lodge is preparation for living independently. One element of living on your own is having your own resources. If you have a counselor in the community, we encourage you to maintain that important relationship. We will ask that we can communicate with your other providers so we can have and provide the same insight as if you were seeing one of our counselors for support.

What if I don’t want to participate in Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR)?2023-01-27T15:55:14-05:00

The Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) services offered to residents of The Lodge is a key component of living there. Much like work or school, everyone is entitled to some time away, but participation in mental health services is what sets The Lodge apart from traditional group homes. If someone refuses to engage in that aspect of this support, The Lodge may not be the right place for them at that time.

How long can I live at The Lodge?2023-01-27T15:56:58-05:00

The key goal of living at The Lodge is preparation for living independently. Therefore, we do not anticipate The Lodge being anyone’s “forever home.” The length of residency will depend on how much progress a person makes toward accomplishing goals and overcoming barriers to successful independence while living there.

Will I move into The Village after I leave The Lodge?2023-01-27T15:58:57-05:00

Although both are operated by The Arc Jacksonville, The Lodge is not part of The Village. The Village has its own eligibility criteria and waiting list – availability is unpredictable and vacancies are not placed on a hold, including for Lodge residents. We suggest anyone interested in living at The Village go through the interest and eligibility process ASAP. Because nothing can be promised, we always recommend people explore multiple avenues for independent and supported living situations.

Initial Screening Questionnaire

We have now opened an Initial Screening Questionnaire for those interested in living at The Lodge.
Please complete the below form or click here to download the questionnaire to return by mail or email. Once submitted, our team will be in touch with further details and next steps.

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