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Strive is a skills and activity-based program that aims to maximize independence for individuals who need more extensive support to navigate through daily routines or have challenging behaviors.

Daily activities include mobility and agility exercises and learning opportunities for personal and community safety, personal hygiene, nutrition, exercise, basic reading and math and social skills with an emphasis on learning new ways to communicate needs and emotions.

Staff work closely with each individual and their support system to ensure their goals for personal care, communication, social skills and self-advocacy are being met.

Referral Process

Contact the program manager to schedule a meeting and tour of The Arc Jacksonville location of interest. The person seeking services should attend along with family and/or support coordinator.

Contact Information

Lisa Austin, Strive Program Manager, Downtown | 904.355.0155

Susan Moinette, Strive Program Manager, Westside | 904.573.2805

Strive Gallery