Empowering individuals with intellectual and developmental differences

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Preparing individuals with differences for successful employment

Now Accepting Applications!

Career Campus is a vocational training program for students 18 – 22 years of age with intellectual and developmental differences.
The primary goal of the Career Campus is to provide programming that will prepare individuals for successful employment.

Career Campus has partnered with Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ), giving students the opportunity to take college-level courses to earn industry certifications and badges. It is the objective of the program to help students reach their full potential and be successful in the career path of their choice.

Career Campus is accepting applications for the 2024 -2025 school year now through Wednesday, May 15th!


  • Career Learning & Exploration
  • Work Readiness Training
  • Internships, Job Shadowing & Work Experience
  • On-the-Job Training Opportunities
  • FSCJ Courses for Industry Certifications & Badges
  • Transition to Employment Training
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Application Guidance
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Application Process

  • Prospective students will complete the 2024-2025 Career Campus Application and eligibility form.
  • Applications must be submitted by Wednesday, May 15th, 2024 to be considered for the 2024-2025 school year.
  • Prospective students will submit their most recent IEP.
  • Prospective students will submit their high school transcripts/records.
  • Eligible students will attend an interview with the Admissions Committee/Director.
  • Students will be notified if they are accepted to the program.


  • Be at least 18 years of age by the start of the program. Career Campus serves students ages 18 – 22.
  • Have a documented intellectual and developmental disability. Primary disability must be cognitive, not behavioral or emotional.
  • Motivated to further education and gain new skills related to career development.
  • Exhibit independence, motivation and stability.
  • Willing to register with Vocational Rehabilitation.
  • Please note that a completed application does not guarantee admission or enrollment in the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of the Career Campus?2023-04-05T15:07:15-04:00

Career Campus provides individuals with intellectual and developmental differences the opportunity to develop work readiness skills for successful employment.

Who will be teaching the coursework?2023-04-05T15:13:43-04:00

FSCJ coursework is taught by credentialed college faculty. Functional academics are taught by qualified Career Campus staff.

Is housing or transportation offered?2023-04-05T15:15:51-04:00

No, housing is not offered for this program nor transportation. It is the student’s responsibility to provide their own transportation to and from campus. The Arc Jacksonville’s Advocacy department can assist families through the process of receiving JTA services.

Do I need a high school diploma to participate?2023-04-12T13:48:34-04:00

No, students with an IEP who are ages 18-21 may defer receipt of their high school diploma. Students who have received their high school diploma or are over 21 years of age may still participate in the program, however, financial resources may be limited.

What is the admission criteria?2023-04-12T13:52:08-04:00

A prospective student must be between the ages 18 – 24 years old upon admission to the Career Campus program. Applicants must have an intellectual and developmental disability and be motivated to learn new skills and pursue employment. In addition, applicants must demonstrate emotional stability, maturity and independence.

What kind of certificate will students receive?2023-04-12T14:01:40-04:00

Students who complete the FSCJ course, Specialized Career Education, will receive an FSCJ Certificate of Completion. Students will also have an FSCJ college transcript. Additional badges and certificates will be award throughout the program.

What are the requirements to participate in FSCJ Dual Enrollment?2024-02-21T10:24:35-05:00

Students who have deferred their high school diploma, have a 2.0 high school GPA, and completed 4 high school credits are eligible to participate as a dual enrollment student with FSCJ.

What Career Campus opportunities are available for students?2024-02-21T10:27:47-05:00

Students will be given many opportunities, including engaging in academic coursework, obtaining badges and certifications, delving into career exploration, participating in community field trips, networking with potential employers, and accessing support for job shadowing and on-the-job training. Eligible students can further their education by pursuing post-secondary studies and earning certifications and college credits through Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ). The program extends to both the FSCJ campus and Career Campus. Upon program completion, students also have the opportunity to receive services from The Arc Jacksonville’s Employment Services, which includes assistance from a job coach to facilitate employment opportunities.

Is there financial aid available?2024-02-21T10:29:26-05:00

Available financial aid includes the Family Empowerment Scholarship (previously the McKay Scholarship), and private pay. Click here to learn more about the Family Empowerment Scholarship.

What are the tuition & fees?2024-02-21T10:31:15-05:00
  • Tuition for Career Campus is $11,500.00 for the 2024-2025 school year.
  • This includes a $500 deposit (which goes toward tuition), which are due at the time of acceptance into the program.
  • The application fee is $50.00.
  • Tuition must be paid by the due dates in order to keep the student enrolled in the program.
  • Financial aid is available for eligible students (Family Empowerment Scholarship).
  • Students who defer or extend their high school diploma can apply for the FES-UA scholarship.

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