The Arc Jacksonville’s Advocacy, Support and Knowledge (A.S.K.) department assists individuals with disabilities gain the information, training and support needed to achieve improved self-sufficiency, independence and well-being. Individuals, families and circles of support can find answers to issues that arise throughout the lifespan.

Learn more about:

  • Pooled Trust: Special Needs Trust for persons with disabilities

  • Housing Referral: Provides referrals for those seeking affordable housing for individuals with special needs

  • The Path: A comprehensive resource guide for individuals with IDD and their families

  • Guardianship Packet – Members of The Arc Jacksonville have access to Attorneys that have agreed to assist individuals with I/DD obtain guardianship at a reduced cost. To become a member of The Arc Jacksonville click here.

Stay up to date

ASK manages two information distribution lists to connect professionals, families and individuals with disability-related information.

To be added to the distribution lists, please provide your email address and make sure to check which information list you would like to be added too.

DD Shoptalk

The DD Shoptalk Group is an exchange forum for professionals for information, activities and resources that are available in the greater Jacksonville area that would be of interest to individuals with I/DD.

NEFL Disability Info

The ASK program connects families, professionals and individuals with differences with information about workshops, training, conferences, social opportunities, public hearings, legislative alerts and other disability-related information that impact Northeast Florida.

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