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The Legacy Circle

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“For over two decades we have supported The Arc Jacksonville because of the opportunities it has made available to our son and many others to live independently, learn essential job skills, find employment and become genuinely engaged in the communities they live in.”
– Steve and Joy Gutos

Create a Lasting Legacy

As a member of The Arc Jacksonville Legacy Circle, you will make a meaningful contribution to our mission – often with no cost to you during your lifetime. In addition to receiving potential tax savings as a result of your legacy gift, you’ll receive special reports on our latest initiatives while enjoying opportunities to engage with like-minded supporters who share your passion and commitment for helping individuals lead full and rewarding lives. Most importantly, your legacy gift will provide the resources needed to sustain our programs and services for generations to come.

“We are thankful to The Arc Jacksonville for coming alongside Evan and helping him live a life without limits. We want to encourage others to open up their eyes and open up their hearts to see the amazing possibilities. There is truly joy to be found in living and in giving.”
Don and Kathy Gabriel, Evan’s parents
Evan’s Story – A Life Without Limits2021-06-08T13:10:31-04:00

When Evan was in elementary school, his parents wrote a life goal for their son, who was born with an unnamed genetic syndrome and multiple differences.

“We set a goal that Evan would have an interesting life that included comfortable/safe housing, appropriate vocational and life skills training, meaningful employment and enjoyable leisure skills,” his mother, Kathy Gabriel, recalls.

Now 30 years old, Evan has achieved all of these goals and more through the programs and support services of The Arc Jacksonville. After participating in The Arc Jacksonville’s Summer LIFE Program, Evan attended the University of North Florida through the On Campus Transition Program. “He loved being a college student—riding the bus to campus, attending classes, going to social events and learning independence,” Kathy says.

Today, Evan works for Sodexo at the Mayo Clinic with support from The Arc Jacksonville’s job coach, returning home each day to The Arc Jacksonville Village, where he lives in his own apartment and enjoys socializing with his friends.

“As parents of a child with differing abilities, we thought our son would live with us forever,” stepfather Don Gabriel says. “The Arc Jacksonville has enabled Evan to achieve his dream of living as an independent adult. He is free to make his own decisions and live a meaningful life without limits.”


“I have served on The Arc Jacksonville board of directors for more than 20 years and in that time, I have seen firsthand the achievements of those served as they reach their full potential. I want to see this great work continue, so I am proud to include a legacy gift in my estate plan to help fund the organization’s future needs.”
Debbie Martin Johnson

Membership in The Arc Jacksonville Legacy Circle is easy: no immediate donation is necessary. Simply name The Arc Jacksonville as a beneficiary in your will, trust, insurance policy, donor advised fund or foundation.

Your gift may be anonymous, or with your permission, we will gladly and gratefully acknowledge your support, including:

  • Name displayed at The Arc Jacksonville location when your gift is received
  • Prominent listing in The Arc Jacksonville’s Annual Impact Report

  • Recognition on The Arc Jacksonville website

  • Special acknowledgment during events

Ways to Give

“We feel that if Charlotte at The Arc Jacksonville had not been our advocate and explained what Bernie was entitled to, we would never have found a place for him. Her involvement turned things around for Bernie and for us. After years of getting nowhere, she helped us find housing for Bernie.”
Gregory Family
Charitable Bequests2021-06-08T13:11:27-04:00

A charitable bequest is one of the easiest ways to leave a gift to The Arc Jacksonville. With the help of an attorney, you can include language in your will or trust that leaves a gift to The Arc Jacksonville. You may also make a bequest using a beneficiary
designation form.

Types of bequests include:

  • Percentage bequest: Designate a certain percentage of your estate to benefit The Arc Jacksonville
  • Specific bequest: Make a gift of a specific dollar amount from your estate to The Arc Jacksonville
  • Residual bequest: Designate the balance or residue of your estate as a gift to The Arc Jacksonville

Donor Benefits
By making a charitable bequest to The Arc Jacksonville, you will:

  • enjoy full use of your assets during your lifetime while ensuring the sustainability of The Arc Jacksonville’s vital programs and services
  • receive a potential estate tax charitable deduction
  • reduce the tax burden on your loved ones
Gifts of Retirement Assets2021-06-08T13:12:02-04:00

Retirement assets may also be designated as a gift to The Arc Jacksonville. You may choose to donate a percentage of your assets from your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), pension or other-tax deferred plan. Simply complete a benefit designation form provided by your retirement plan custodian.

By designating The Arc Jacksonville as beneficiary, we will benefit from the full value of your gift, because your IRA assets will not be taxed at your death.

Donor Benefits
By making a gift of retirement assets to The Arc Jacksonville, you will:

  • receive a potential estate tax charitable deduction
  • reduce the tax burden on your loved ones
  • ensure the sustainability of The Arc Jacksonville’s programs and services for future generations
Life Insurance2021-06-08T13:12:29-04:00

Many people take out life insurance policies to ensure that their young and growing families are protected. Once their children are grown and financially independent, however, they find they have more life insurance than they currently need.

If you have a life insurance policy that no longer suits your needs, consider donating it to The Arc Jacksonville. Simply contact your insurance provider, request a beneficiary designation form and designate The Arc Jacksonville as the beneficiary of your policy.

If The Arc Jacksonville cashes in the policy, you will see firsthand how your gift helps The Arc Jacksonville continue our vital programs and services. And if the policy matures, the proceeds will help sustain those programs for future generations.

Donor Benefits
By donating your life insurance policy to The Arc Jacksonville, you will:

  • receive a potential estate tax charitable deduction
  • gain additional potential tax benefits: If we retain the policy to maturity, you can receive additional tax deductions by making annual gifts so The Arc Jacksonville can pay the premiums
  • enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your gift will help The Arc Jacksonville empower and support individuals with intellectual and developmental differences
  • ensure the sustainability of The Arc Jacksonville’s programs and services for future generations
Special Needs, Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust and Unitrust2021-06-08T13:13:01-04:00

There are several types of trusts which may be donated as a gift to The Arc Jacksonville.

Special Needs Trust
Also known as a “supplemental needs trust,” a special needs trust holds assets for a beneficiary with special needs in order to supplement the individual’s income without impacting his/her eligibility to receive other benefits. Depending on the type of trust, benefits will be paid for life or for a term of up to 20 years.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust and Unitrust
Are you concerned about capital gains taxes associated with the sale of property or other appreciated asset? If so, a charitable remainder trust offers a solution that may benefit you and The Arc Jacksonville.

To establish a charitable remainder or annuity trust, you simply transfer cash or assets to the trust. In the case of a trust funded with appreciated assets, the trust will then sell the assets tax-free. The trust is then invested to pay income to you or your designated trust beneficiaries. Depending on the type of trust, benefits will be paid for life, a term of up to 20 years or life plus up to 20 years. The Arc Jacksonville will benefit from what remains in the trust after all trust payments have been made.

Donor Benefits
By naming The Arc Jacksonville as a beneficiary of your charitable remainder or annuity trust, you will:

  • receive an income for life, a term of up to 20 years, or life plus a term of up to 20 years
  • potentially avoid capital gains on the sale of your appreciated assets
  • receive an income tax deduction in the year you transfer the assets to the trust
  • receive an immediate charitable income tax deduction for the charitable portions of the trust
  • enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your gift will help The Arc Jacksonville empower and support individuals with intellectual and developmental differences
  • ensure the sustainability of The Arc Jacksonville’s programs and services for future generations

Complete the Circle

“We can’t think of a better way to spend our money than helping to ensure that families in the future will have access to the incredible resources and direction provided by The Arc Jacksonville.“
Bernadette Moran and Frank Rossi

We hope you will help sustain our vital, transformative programs and services by joining The Arc Jacksonville Legacy Circle. Your investment in our future will support our vision that individuals of all abilities enrich their communities and ensure that they have rewarding and fulfilling options to live, learn, work and play.

For more information on making a planned gift or to let us know that you have included The Arc Jacksonville in your plans, please contact Lacey Rumberger at 904.355.0155 or [email protected].

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