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Life Path Planning and Management

Life Path Planning and Management2023-03-28T15:30:05-04:00

Your Guide for the Path Ahead

Families and guardians of those with Intellectual and Developmental Differences (IDD) rely on a range of resources for support and care. When managing these specialized resources and options, planning for the future is just as important as caring for your loved ones today.

This is where Life Path Planning and Management can help. We work with families and individuals with IDD to identify and assess their current and future needs, and then create an individualized, comprehensive life plan.

What Keeps You Up At Night?

Our goal is to help families answer important questions about the future and relieve them of overwhelming responsibilities by:

  • Preparing a Plan
    What is the vision for your family and your loved one with a difference in 10, 20, or even 30 years? We help you start the conversation, translate your wishes into an actionable plan, and put the plan into action with you.

  • Fulfilling Individual Aspirations
    We offer a guiding hand to help families make their wishes for their loved one known and then continually ensure that the desires and wishes of the family are fulfilled and their loved one is well cared for throughout their life.

  • Ensuring Continuation of Care
    We allow families of loved ones, who rely on others for care and support, to provide for continuation of the care of their loved one when they are no longer able.

Parents need a partner in the never ending challenges of planning a life for their child with a disability. Life Path through The Arc Jacksonville provides the tools for families to meet those challenges during the caregivers’ life and beyond.

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How We Can Help

Applying For and Monitoring Compliance for Benefits2022-07-11T14:13:34-04:00

We ensure that our clients are receiving all of the benefits they are entitled and that the system is meeting their needs. Our team can assist with the overwhelming task of applying for and ensuring compliance to receive necessary benefits including Social Security, Medicaid, Section 8 Housing, Vocational Rehabilitation, and more.


Life Path maintains comprehensive records for clients including their Life Plan and documents related to benefits, guardianship, and more.

Setting Up A Pooled Trust2022-07-11T12:01:01-04:00

Life Path can assist families in joining The Arc Jacksonville’s Pooled Trust, which is created to manage funds for supplemental needs during a beneficiary’s entire life. Click here to learn more about Pooled Trusts. 

Creating A Comprehensive Life Plan2022-07-11T12:14:55-04:00

Our team will work with families and individuals with IDD to create a comprehensive life plan that addresses all facets of life: housing and living arrangements, employment, transportation, independence, health care options, medical requirements, guardianship, benefits, faith, culture, happiness, and more.

Attaining Guardianship or Guardian Advocacy2022-07-11T12:18:42-04:00

Families can receive assistance in becoming, finding, or ensuring their loved one has a court-appointed decision-maker such as a Guardian or Guardian Advocate, to assist in making some or all decisions in areas such as health, finances, living, or benefits.

Meet Our Program Director

Sarah R. Sullivan, Esq. spent the first 24 years of her legal career as a public interest lawyer with an emphasis on advocacy for persons with disabilities. Ms. Sullivan has taught the Disability and Public Benefits Clinic at Florida Coastal School of Law and directed the Pro Bono project at Three Rivers Legal Services, Inc. in Jacksonville. She is involved locally and on the state level with bar committees that advance the rights of disabled persons and promote diversity and inclusion.

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