What is Guardianship or Guardian Advocacy?

In the State of Florida everyone becomes an adult, with all of the rights and responsibilities of a citizen of the United States of America and the State of Florida at eighteen years of age. There is no consideration of whether or not the person has a difference that may impair his or her ability to make decisions. Most individuals with differences need no assistance to make decisions, own property, and manage money, but some may need assistance in one or more areas. There are many ways to offer assistance: Durable Power of Attorney, Healthcare Surrogacy/Decision Making, and Supported Decision Making (SDM). Other individuals with differences may need a court-appointed decision-maker such as a Guardian or Guardian Advocate, to assist in making some or all decisions in areas such as health, finances, living, or benefits.

As a benefit of membership of The Arc Jacksonville, you can receive reduced cost attorney services to legally assist adults with intellectual and developmental differences (IDD) to become a Guardian or Guardian Advocate. Members will have access to attorneys that have agreed to assist individuals with IDD or families of someone with IDD to obtain guardianship at a reduced cost. The matter must be uncontested with agreement between all parties and no issues that require mediation. The agreement for representation is solely between the proposed guardian and the attorney. We are unable to provide this membership benefit for any contested or potentially contested cases.

  • Guardianship Packet: To get started, please complete the initial Guardianship Packet.

  • Membership: Become a member of The Arc Jacksonville and utilize this service.

Options for Attaining Guardianship at Low Cost or No Cost

* Requires you meet strict income limits

  • Jacksonville Area Legal Aid:
    Guardian/Guardian Advocacy Legal Services | 904.356.8371 | Click here to view website

  • Three Rivers Legal Services: Guardian/Guardian Advocacy Legal Services | Dial 904.394.7450 and press option for “Intake”


Additional Resources for Guardianship

  • Turning 18: A resource that guides you through legal options to protect your rights.

  • Private Attorneys: Look for Elder Law Attorneys! Contact the Florida Bar Association or Jacksonville Bar Association for a referral.

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