Seeing beyond limitations: a road to successful employment

While October 5, 2009 may have seemed like an ordinary day for most, for James Moultrie, that day changed everything. On that Monday James walked into Rogers Towers, reporting for his first day of work as the Office Services Assistant. At 20 years old, James was shy, living with his mother and riding the bus to work. Today, James is an outgoing, confident, seasoned employee of the firm, living independently in his own place and driving to work. For James, October 5, 2009 will always be a symbolic day, something special. James had just beaten the odds. When individuals with disabilities are given an opportunity, great things can happen.

Employees of the firm, ranging from the IT department, to accounting, paralegal, HR and more, recently shared their experiences working with him. His positive attitude, infectious personality, dependability and hardworking nature was evident throughout the conversations. He stays on task, loves to be involved and learn new things and is the best. Kevin Rorabaugh, his supervisor when he first began working, says there’s no question where he belongs; it’s right here.

James is a full-time employee, responsible for stocking all the coffee and soda stations, refilling all the paper goods, making sure the conference rooms are always ready for the next meeting and collecting recycling from all three floors of their firm. When he first started, his job coach through The Arc Jacksonville assisted him with learning his new job responsibilities. Through hard work, determination and the natural support that James receives from his co-workers, he no longer needs the assistance of a job coach.

Rogers Towers’ culture values relationships and family, which shows through their connection with James, and their generous support of numerous local nonprofits. When James was having issues with his truck, the employees personally pulled together to help him out and made it possible for him to get it fixed. Outside of work, James and his co-workers often compete in local races together, with James beating many of them to the finish line, something he is very proud of. As James says, everyone here is family.

Pam Bass, Executive Director, encourages other companies to consider hiring individuals with disabilities. We are lucky to have James. You need to just give it a try; we’ve succeeded several times. Board member Wyman Duggan agrees: Don’t hesitate. Duggan sees James every day, saying he has a fantastic work ethic, a great attitude and is loyal and reliable.

Rogers Towers is one of Florida’s largest and oldest law firms, with more than 70 attorneys practicing statewide. Their law firm, and attorneys, has been recognized in state and national publications for industry experience, most recently by Florida Super Lawyers Magazine and The Best Lawyers in America referral guide. Rogers Towers is proud to offer the full range of legal services in a variety of practice areas, including commercial litigation, family law, labor and employment, real estate, trusts and estates, wills and more.

The Arc Jacksonville applauds Rogers Towers for sharing in its vision of a community where disability is a distinction without difference. Interested in employment opportunities for your company? Contact Susan Hamilton at 904-355-0155 or visit our Staffing Services page.