Congratulations On Campus Transition Class of 2021

This academic year brought a sense of renewed hope to our On Campus Transition students. We started the year virtually, learning from a distance and finding new ways to connect. At the beginning of 2021, students eagerly returned to the University of North Florida campus with excitement and apprehension about returning in person. Students were finally able to see their friends and mentors again, but worried about the effects of COVID-19 and how it would change campus life. While UNF’s campus was limited with events and people, students and staff found new and creative ways to learn and stay engaged. The 24 students have completed hundreds of hours of AmeriCorps mentor meetings, interned at sites including the Osprey Cafe, and continued to serve and be involved with different clubs and organizations.

We are honored to introduce you to the 2021 On Campus Transition graduates – Sarah, Mitchell, JB and James. For the first time in the history of our program, students walked alongside other graduates during the ceremony on April 18. Students proudly received their certificates and shared in the milestone with their families. We congratulate these four students. Swoop!


“Enjoy your time with everyone!”

Sarah’s favorite classes were The New Testament and Into to Asia and her favorite internship was with the LGBTQ Center. She was a member of the Best Buddies chapter and encourages others to join. Her advice to other OCT students is to enjoy their time with everyone.


“Honestly make sure you find the right people to surround yourself with. Once you do that in your first weeks, everything will fall into place after that. They’ll invite you to things and make your experience and you feel better knowing you have people to lean on, on campus.”

Mitchell’s favorite things about OCT were getting to do things with friends like going to the Zoo, various on campus sporting events, eating lunch, and going to Market Days. His favorite classes were music and theatre classes because the professors made their classes about the students and were always able to help outside of class. His favorite internship was at SLICE, a pizzeria on campus, where he folded boxes and helped keep the site clean. Mitchell participated in multiple clubs like Young Life and Best Buddies. After graduation he will be pursuing a job in theatre in South Carolina.


“Follow your dreams. You’ll be successful. Make your family proud.”

When JB thinks of his time at OCT, he thinks of joy, peacefulness, positivity, and fun. JB loved going to class and hanging out in the game room. Some of his favorite classes were History of Rock and Roll and Drawing 1 and his favorite internship was at the UNF Preschool. At the preschool he got to play with the kids, set up snack time, clean, and help out in their classes. JB was a member of the Filipino Student Association and UNF ASIA. After graduation I hope to find a job and have a big celebration dinner.


Jame’s favorite class was Ancient Rome because it was very interesting and his favorite internship was with Osprey Productions, where he helped with movie nights and other fun events on campus. His favorite memory with OCT was traveling to the Hartwick Symposium in Orlando.

Each year, approximately 25 students attend the University of North Florida through The Arc Jacksonville’s On Campus Transition College Experience program. Students participate in a traditional college experience by attending classes, working at internships, joining campus clubs and attending sporting events. Students also work with peer mentors to learn independent living skills like budgeting, healthy cooking, laundry, home safety and more! Learn more at