The Arc Jacksonville is broadening horizons with the addition of new programs in our?mental health services. We are happy that mental health is becoming an increasingly important part of how we care for our community.

Improvements to mental health services include the addition of specific workshops and meetings to address adult education, financial literacy and understanding employment. By helping persons with mental health concerns obtain GED?s or attend vocational education courses, we aid them in better preparing to benefit from and contribute to local job markets. Financial literacy and having a venue to share their experiences with their peers allows us to help maintain their goals. In conjunction with our?adult day program, these three areas coalesce well with each other ? they make for a well-rounded approach to psychoeducation and promote community inclusion. These improvements have become possible with the addition of our AmeriCorps and Vista volunteers.

On February 14, we will represent The Arc Jacksonville at a Mental Health and Family Law Seminar. The seminar aims to offer supplemental education to attorneys and court officials in the area of mental health conditions. We hope to provide information on how our program might serve as an alternative to traditional mental health settings, as is often appropriate or necessary. We are excited to stand beside other area providers in support of advocacy and education, while also learning from each other. It is a wonderful opportunity to let other members of our local community know that we are here to help!

Written by William Adams, MA
Director of Mental Health Services
The Arc Jacksonville