The Arc Jacksonville is proud to be a part of the Connectable Campaign. Initiated and funded by Delores Barr Weaver, Connectable is a year-long public awareness campaign designed to change the perception of people with intellectual and developmental?differences?by?focusing on what we have in common?- our connections – rather than how we are different.

The Connectable campaign launched mid-August with a spot on WJCT’s First Coast Connect – television, radio and social media coverage will be continuous.

proud supporter of connectable

The campaign features a few familiar faces – Ciara, Megan and James. Our VP of Advocacy, Charlotte Temple, and board members, Kit Thomas and Sally Hazelip, served on the committee that helped pull the initial research and case study together. We are proud and thankful for all of our Arc clients and staff who helped make this incredible campaign a success.

We will be sharing and promoting this campaign through our social media channels throughout the year as well and encourage you to get involved!

You can get involved by:

  • Following Connectable on social media
  • Sharing their posts – and ours
  • Taking the pledge to be more connectable

  • Sharing the videos and your own stories
  • Using the word?differences or unique abilities?instead of?disabilities

Megan’s Story

Ciara’s Story

The Office 15

The Dance