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Transform Abilities

Transform Abilities creates furniture and home d?cor items out?of reclaimed/recycled materials. All pieces designed and built?by individuals with intellectual or developmental differences?and/or mental health needs.

Transform Abilities provides opportunities to embrace?creativity and showcase talents not always available to people?with differences.

The goal is to teach transferable employment skills and?become a micro-enterprise where adults with differences can?thrive.

Transform Abilities is committed to recycling. On average, pieces are?made of 80-90% reclaimed/recycled materials.

Order a Custom Piece

Transform Abilities is currently taking orders! Let us bring your?Pinterest board to life and build a beautiful, custom, unique piece?for your home.

For a quote, please contact us with a brief description of the item?you would like built. Requests can also be made online.

Contact Transform Abilities
Jessica Hobgood or William Adams

  • 904.355.0155

Pricing for Transform Abilities pieces includes a fair and competitive?wage for each individual?s contribution.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers will teach skills and work alongside adults with differences to build?furniture and create decor from reclaimed materials. Volunteers will work with clients?to plan out projects and the steps needed to complete each piece.

Volunteers will work with designated staff members who will assist with the project.?The position is designed to help the volunteer build relationships with the individuals?working on the projects.

? Downtown location at 1050 North Davis Street
? Monday – Friday, 9am – 2pm?(1-4 hour time blocks, dependent on staff availability)

Preferred Qualities
? Previous experience with woodworking, building?furniture, and/or using power tools
? Willingness to consider an ongoing schedule?versus one-time opportunities

Requirements to be completed for volunteering
? HIPAA Training
? Level 2 Background Screening
? Volunteer Orientation

For more information

Materials Needed

Because Transform Abilities is in the start-up stage, a wide variety of materials are needed to help grow the program. Transform Abilities is currently seeking a donation of the following items.

Tools (new or gently used):
Ratchet Set

Reclaimed Wood in usable condition (non-pallet)
Small batches of used pallets

Work/Storage Space
Approximately 1,000 square feet of dedicated work space to house materials, tools and finished pieces while also serving as a workshop.

To learn more or to commission a piece, contact:

Jessica Hobgood or William Adams