Virtual Services will be available live twice daily on our normal operating days through a link to a Zoom meeting. The link will be the same for every service unless we expand in the future.

  • You do not need a Zoom account or app to access the link. However, downloading the app and creating an account makes the process much easier after the first time.

  • Each activity will be hosted by at least one of our normal ADT staff members with an additional staff member assisting with the technological and moderating portion of the programming.

  • The supporting staff member will allow clients into the activity from the virtual waiting room .


9am-10am: Announcements, welcome and morning guided activity, such as exercise, stretching, meditation, etc.

1pm-2pm: Interactive, peer-to-peer, facilitated activity, education and discussion, such as community exploration, crafting, social skills, etc.

Click here to join the Zoom Virtual ADT Services
Click here for detailed instructions on accessing Zoom

Facebook Group

Join The Arc Jacksonville’s Day Programs Facebook group to stay up-to-date with what’s going on, materials that might be used for virtual activities, links to previously delivered activity packets and announcements about topics.

To access the Facebook Group:

  • In the search bar, search The Arc Jacksonville and click on The Arc Jacksonville’s page.

  • Select Groups and click Join next to the group named Day Programs.

  • Once you are added to the group, you can see the information on the page.

Contact Information

William Adams, Vice President
Mental Health and Day Services
[email protected]
Lisa Austin, Director
Mental Health & Enhanced Care Services
[email protected]