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Give the Gift of A Good Life

Since March, life has drastically changed for us all. In many ways, it’s slowed down and caused us to reflect on what’s truly important. The daily bustle of our routines has altered and has brought to light what is valued most from life: friends and family, a job, and a safe home.

The generous support from donors has provided a good life for so many individuals in our community with intellectual and developmental differences. We’re so grateful. And although our services have changed, these individuals still hope for these basic things. You can make sure our individuals continue to have a good life.

Great Friends

It’s cool to chill with someone during this time. It’s nice to have someone to talk to.” – Alexis

Brittni & Alexis have both felt the effects of COVID19, as both ladies work in the school system. They depend on each other’s friendship to keep them company while staying home at The Village.

Safe Home

Since COVID-19, Berlinda has gained a newfound talent – sewing. She has sewn masks, but one of her favorite sewing projects is pillows. She looks forward to sewing daily. Since beginning to sew, Berlinda has become more social, more friendly, she laughs more and she engages with her peers more often. Sewing is very calming for Berlinda.

Good Job

Justin, considered an essential employee, was able to not only maintain his job at Publix, but received extra hours every week due to the higher demand for groceries. The hardest part of his job is having to deal with wearing a mask during his work shift, which includes working out in this summer heat.

These stories may seem simple. However, these simple things are so meaningful to Brittini, Alexis, Berlinda, and Justin.

As we navigate the months ahead, day by day, moment by moment it’s nearly impossible to predict how much those we serve will be impacted. If the time is right for you and your family, I hope you will consider making an investment to provide a good life for Brittini, Alexis, Berlinda, Justin, and all those The Arc Jacksonville serves.

Although the times have changed, and things for us look a little different, our mission to serve and advocate for individuals with intellectual and developmental differences continues.

Make a long-lasting, ongoing difference by making a monthly gift of any size! Your monthly gift is a convenient and affordable way to give a good life to more than 600 individuals with intellectual and developmental differences and make our community more inclusive. Learn more about monthly giving.