Host Club Arc (5-10 Volunteers)

  • Club Arc is a Friday night social club featuring dancing and activities. Volunteers help with set-up,
    registration, serving at the café, running the DJ booth, and engaging with partygoers!
  • Groups provide healthy snacks, drinks, and themed décor

Host a Party (5+ Volunteers)

  • Volunteers plan food and activities for a party with the theme of their choice
    (holiday, football watch party, etc.)
  • Provide snacks/food, drinks, activities, and décor

Host a Training (2-5 Volunteers)

  • Does your group have a specialized skill? Host a training for residents in the areas of financial literacy,
    employment preparation, etc.
  • Snacks and prizes are also welcome
  • Provide printed materials and resources

Beautification Project (5+ Volunteers)

  • Help tend to our gardens, plant new vegetables, flowers and trees and assist with lmulching, painting
    and other property improvements
  • Provide materials needed for the project (paint, plants, etc.)

Recreational Project (5+ Volunteers)

  • Organize a game day, host bingo, have a sports competition, or plan arts and crafts activities.
    Be creative!
  • Provide the supplies needed for the project

Additional Ways to Engage

  • Donations such as gift cards, gift/prize bags are always needed and appreciated.
  • Reach out to the Volunteer Coordinator to learn specific needs.