Graduation season means a celebration for senior students of OCT (On Campus Transition), an Arc Jacksonville program that enables young individuals with intellectual and?developmental disabilities?to attend college classes and experience college life. OCT graduation will be Tuesday, April 23rd. Among the four 2013 graduates is Christopher Zerbe, a 21-year-old student who has maximized his pursuit of a college experience at UNF.

Not many students can boast they tackled more than just classes while in college. Zerbe has not only attended two college classes a semester, he is also an AmeriCorps member, dedicating a part of his time to national service. As an AmeriCorps member at UNF, he mentors students with?special needs?four hours a week and participates in various national service activities with other UNF AmeriCorps members. In addition to taking classes and committing to national service, Zerbe loves listening to music and has pursued his passion for music by interning with UNF?s radio station, Osprey Radio, where he hosts his own radio segment. He also works at Regal Cinemas at The Avenues checking tickets and assists guests in finding their theaters.

Since becoming involved with the OCT program, Zerbe?s originally quiet demeanor has blossomed. He is outgoing, social and loves spending time with his numerous friends at UNF. In his free time, Zerbe enjoys listening to music and reading.

Zerbe is extremely excited about the upcoming OCT graduation. Once graduated, he plans to obtain an additional job and to consider the possibility of living on his own. Congrats Chris!

Zerbe hosing his own segment at Osprey Radio

Written by Vivian Grifantini
AmeriCorps, VISTA
The Arc Jacksonville