Once someone experiences it, it becomes easier to see the opportunities, Zac Bruker emphasized of his experience in partnering with The Arc Jacksonville for employment services. Zac, owner of Prime Car Wash, and Aaron Pulver, General Manager, felt strongly that they wanted to support the community inclusion of individuals with differing abilities in their business. Aaron, who has a cousin with Angelman syndrome, felt a personal connection to ensuring that everyone have the same opportunities. Prime Car Wash hired Bryce as a Bay Maintenance worker in May 2018 and the experience has been a positive one for everyone involved.

Aaron and Zac spoke highly of Bryce, sharing that Bryce is an employee who wants to be here, is always early, and has a positive attitude. He is an asset to the team, a morale booster and that he does the job as well as anyone else. Not only do his supervisors find Bryce a welcome addition to Prime, but his coworkers also enjoy getting to work alongside him.

On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays you can find Bryce working at Prime Car Wash, where he is responsible for ensuring that all the towels are washed, dried, folded and ready for the car wash crew. He is also responsible for refilling paper towels and other items throughout the facility. Bryce expressed that he loves working each day and thinks his co-workers and supervisors are funny, nice and good. The Arc Jacksonville’s Employment Services provided Bryce with a job coach, Cass Parker. Cass worked alongside Bryce every day when he first started in the position, aiding him in learning his responsibilities, communicating with co-workers and establishing transportation. Now Cass checks in with Bryce regularly, but assists only when needed. Bryce looks forward to saving money and hopes to continue working at Prime Car Wash for a long time.

Both Zac and Aaron encourage other companies to hire individuals with intellectual and developmental differences, as there are no downsides. They asserted that if you have a role they can fill, there is no reason not to. It’s a big win!

The Arc Jacksonville applauds Zac, Aaron, and Prime Car Wash’s leadership and commitment to providing employment opportunities for all individuals.

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