“I wish I could bottle up his positive energy -his attitude is contagious.”

LaTanya Mathis, Bound & Packet Mail/Quality Control Supervisor says working with Arthur over the past year and a half has been a great experience. Since March 26, 2018, Arthur has worked full-time, Monday through Friday, at Pitney Bowes, operating machines and sorting parcels. LaTanya shared the many ways Arthur has contributed to the company: he is willing to stay late or come in early and is always offering to help others. His detail-oriented nature is a crucial skill for their work, and he enjoys learning to do new parts of the business.

Arthur loves working for Pitney Bowes, stating that his favorite part is the people and being able to pay his own bills. Arthur’s job coach, Terri, was an important component of his success when he first started. Terri was on-site daily during his first few weeks of employment, helping him to learn his responsibilities. She continues to check-in with Arthur and his team to ensure success.

Nate Polete, General Manager, says Pitney Bowes hired Arthur as a part of our efforts to expand and grow inclusion at our site. We know individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are just as functional in the workplace as those without; our goal has been to open the door and provide the opportunities for these individuals to be successful and independent in everyday society.

For companies considering employment, LaTanya’s advice is to find each individual’s strengths and work on building those. She believes that everyone should have equal opportunities and managers should focus on the abilities of individuals.

An inclusive, team-oriented environment is evident throughout the company culture. Pitney Bowes, the Craftsmen of Commerce, specializes in e-commerce, shipping, mailing, software and data. Their winning formula is to do the right thing, the right way through values of working as a team, treating each other with respect, taking pride in their work, and being friendly.

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